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Thread: Star Wars Black Series 6"

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    Star Wars Black Series 6"

    Hello I was just curious to see if anyone in San Antonio, Tx is shopping for Star Wars Black Series. I live in the far westside(Alamo Ranch area), all I've seen is Fin and Constable Zuvio's on this side of town(Walmarts&Targets). Walgreens on Potranco&Grossenbacher has 3 Obi-Wan Kenobi if anyone is interested.

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    Walmart Potranco&1604 only had 2 zuvios & 2 Finns. Walgreens Potranco/Grossenbacher has 3 Obi Wan Kenobis.

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    I stopped by Target 1604/Culebra All I found was once again a whole lot of finns and Constable Zuvios. It seems to me that theses two are gonna be the new peg warmers. I also stopped by Walmart on Potranco/1604 and found a first order stormtrooper. there wasn't much left there except more zuvios and finns.

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    Just two zuvios at target 410&fred rd

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    Found a gauvian enforcer at toysrus 410&151. Stopped by Walmart 410&military just 2 zuvios & 2 Finns. Went to target 410&151 still just zuvios and Finns. There's a black series FO tie fighter.

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    Awesome find today. I went to Walmart potranco&1604. And found 1x Kylo Ren 2x FO snowtrooper 2x FO tie fighter pilots 1 x general hux 1 x x-wing pilot asty.

    I left some Rey's with bb8, another asty, Kylo Ren, and a General hux. And off course a lot of zuvios and Finns

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    I'm looking to do an even trade; Kylo Ren for captain phasma. Send me and email: I prefer within San Antonio,tx

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    I found a resistance trooper at Walmart 1604&culebra not much left but more zuvios & finn. I also stopped by target on culebra& 1604 just found 4 pegs full with Finn and Zuvios.

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    Walmart Potranco&1604 today. I saw resistance trooper & FO tie pilot. Plus Finns and Zuvios.

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    Walmart Potranco&1604 again tonight. Saw 2xKylos, 2xReys, 2xtie pilots, 2xresistance troopers. I also found 2 FO storm troopers that had been opened and the action figure stolen out of the package, how lame. I left everything since I have all of those already.

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