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Thread: Anyone want to swap some BAD parts?

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    Anyone want to swap some BAD parts?

    Hello everyone. I have a handful of Disney BAD parts I wouldn't mind swapping for some parts I need to finish a few droids. I have a mix of new and old Disney BAD parts along with some non-Disney BAD parts.

    US trades only please. I can't afford to ship outside of the country, sorry.


    1x Green R4 dome (2012)
    2x White w/ Green trunk (2012)
    1x Solid Blue middle leg (2012)

    1x White w/Black R7 torso
    1x Orange R7? torso
    1x Red w/green "Ashoka's droid" torso

    4x White w/ blue R2 leg pairs (would like to swap a set for white w/purple trim leg pair)
    1x Purple leg
    3x Red w/green "Ashoka's Droid" legs
    2x White w/yellow LEFT legs
    1x White w/yellow leg pair (want to swap for white w/black leg pair)

    1x Blue middle legs
    1x Red middle leg

    I also have a bunch of hats. I think I have most, except for maybe Indiana Jone's hat. I'll trade these as well!

    In addition, I have some non-Disney BAD parts if anyone is interested in trading for them:


    1x Dark Trooper Phase II COMPLETE (only trading this as a complete figure)

    1x R4-P44 Dome
    1x R7-Z0 Torso
    1x R5-A2 Torso
    1x R4-D6 Torso
    1x Purple trim R5 (forgot the name) LEFT leg

    MAIN WANTS (2012 Parts)

    1x Black w/silver R2 torso
    1x Black w/silver leg pair
    1x Black middle leg

    1x Purple R3 dome
    1x Red R3 dome
    1x Red R2 dome
    2x Solid blue leg pair
    1x Solid blue trunk
    1x White w/black R2 torso
    1x White w/black leg PAIR + white middle leg
    1x White w/purple leg PAIR + 1x white middle leg

    SECONDARY WANTS (All 2015 parts)

    1x Grey R3 Dome + White w/yellow and silver trunk and matching legs
    1x Solid purple body
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    Not much point in bumping I guess, but still looking!

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    Got some of the parts I wanted, but still looking for some more 2012 parts! Solid green trunk, White and Green R5 dome, solid blue legs, white and purple legs.

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    Do you still have the middle legs?

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    Hey, I'm sorry, I never saw your message.

    If anyone wants to do a part swap, be sure to send me a PM! I don't check this thread often since the trading section here seems to be pretty dead....

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    Figured I'd bump this up again. Currently looking for:

    1x solid green trunk (2012)
    1x White w/green R5 dome (2012)
    2x Pair of white w/ purple trim legs (2012)
    1x White w/brown R6 dome
    1x Solid blue leg pair (2012)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okami View Post
    Bump still looking
    There is an official trade thread here
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    Thanks. I saw that thread but it seemed to be more geared towards swapping the BAD parts from the Hasbro figure line, rather than the Disney BAD parts. It's only pretty dead, having only 5 posts this year, 4 of which are by the same guy.

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