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Thread: Rey Resistance Outfit

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    Quick heads up in case anyone is still looking: Resistance Rey is back up on Amazon and the price is back down to $7.99. Hopefully this means that Amazon is ending is price gouging on the 5 POA figures.

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    There is like a half dozen of this figure over at Target's today, same with Han. I bought one.

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    I found a second Rey over here i Australia for$5.00 AUST at a store over here called The Reject Shop.

    When I opened it I find that the holster is glued on her up side down. :O

    Guess that's what I get from buying a figure at a place called The Reject Shop! LOL!

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    I got mine in from Amazon, after never seeing one in store. I love the figure, it has a great sculpt and is one of the best looking current 5 POA figures. Of course, I couldn't let Hasbro completely satisfy me, as mine has a paint scuff on the left leg, revealing the plastic she's molded in. It isn't huge, but I notice it every time I look at her.
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    She and Han are making a reappearance at Target here too.

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    Found a couple at $5 & Below. Picked them all up for extras to customize for Last Jedi too.

    Total repaint

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