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Thread: Snap Wexley & First Order Snowtrooper Ofiicer

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    Snap Wexley & First Order Snowtrooper Ofiicer

    Up next from the TFA line is a new 2 pack featuring Snap Wexley (played by Greg Grunberg) & First Order Snowtrooper Ofiicer:

    Who's up for picking up this set?

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    Snap! Wexley. What a name. And it's going to take how long to get him in SA?
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    Asty is the only one I am getting with the banana visor... this is so ugly

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    Snap a relative of Jek Porkins?

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    Hey cool now I don't have to pay $30 for that stupid boat to get the snowtrooper officer!

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    I was just thinking I could use another snowtrooper

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    im not impressed with this pilot given the molded helmet and painted visor. Prob will only pick this up if i can get it on sale.

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    Oh snap, finally Porkins jr.!
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    Love the character, hate the figure (Snap, that is). Opaque visor = no purchase.

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