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Thread: Snap Wexley & First Order Snowtrooper Ofiicer

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    anyone had an issue with the Snowtrooper getting a purpleish tint to it ? like yellowing, but purple instead. The figure and the backpack both have done it, got the set about a month ago from Amazon and noticed about a week after I got it when I set up my FO Stormtroopers alongside it.

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    Yes, mine looks the same - probably cheap or recycled plastic. My snowtrooper from the Amazon FO exclusive is solid white though. This is probably one of the most lackluster deluxe sets.

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    Recently got this two-pack from Wal-mart on clearance for $7. Great set, and I like New Order Snowtrooper & the X-wing Fighter pilot Snap Wexley.

    I actually feel the X-wing fighter pilot could be used in an OT diorama - since the orange jumpsuit/helmet is similar enough. Hell, this guy bears more than a slight resemblance to Jek Porkins from ANH - LOL.

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