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Thread: Hassk Thug

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    Hassk Thug

    Looks like we have a new alien in the basic TFA toy line - Hassk Thug:

    Hairless wookiee perhaps? :p Never heard of this character, I suspect this character appears on Takodana.

    Either way, who's up for this beast?

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    Some of these alien designs for TFA just don't feel SW to me.

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    This one is a pass for me...the design is weird, the paint app is quite poor in my opinion.

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    Reminds me of the Ewoks cartoon bad guy tribe creatures

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    The green aliens named Duloks? I was thinking it looks similar to the Gorax from the first Ewok movie:

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    This guy utterly rules. What's more "Star Wars" than some ill-tempered beast-man in a dumb rubber mask, and with a generic, non-dorky name? Easily my most-anticipated figure of everything revealed in the past few days (thus far).

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    So I'm guessing this new wave will start showing up after the premiere? It'll probably be months before my town sees them, considering my Target just finally started getting the Hux wave and Wal-mart and TRU refuse to restock for some reason.

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    Looks like the gremlin from the Twilight Zone the Movie.

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