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Thread: Hassk Thug

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    Awesome figure - I concur with EddieU on this one: it looks awesome!!!!

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    Looks like a crossbreed between a Wookie and a Lassat (Zeb's species from Rebels)

    It actually looks pretty cool.

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    Finally, another wolf-like creature! I dig them, hence the username.

    Love his design. Wish the paint app was stronger.

    Anyone notice that the card picture looks more like a painting?

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    To me, it looks like a ripoff of Chewie. Although the similarity to the creature from the Ewok movie is uncanny.

    I'll prolly pass on this one. Unless I find him for dirt cheap, and use his head for a custom.
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    Haha! I think this character design is sweet! Feels kind of like it's pandering to people's OT nostalgia, and they'd be right -- I love it! Sometimes the simplest monster looks are better than the weirdest ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dargod View Post
    This one is a pass for me...the design is weird, the paint app is quite poor in my opinion.

    Exactly. Ditto.

    I spent one minute looking intently at the photo in the OP to try and find something about it to like, and nup, it's not happening for me; another stuff-up by Hasbro. Too much corner-cutting in the design. This one could have been brilliant were it not for Hasbro's cost-cutting measures and lax approach to the design

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    He looks like a bad monkey. Dunno yet. Might buy. The problem is, I have limited funds/space, so I don't really need all the background characters. Until I see the movie, I don't know which of these aliens are gonna have a big role, or just background cameos.
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    I actually kinda like it. Of course it could be me just liking that alien faces are being shown finally.
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    I'm sort of two minds on this. On the one hand, I feel like this guy could've been sitting around a table in Mos Eisley, much like Lak Sivrak (and then replaced for looking too cheap later). And yet he doesn't feel as Star Wars-y to me. From one perspective, I'm really missing the usual Star Wars races: Duros, Trandoshans, Ithorians, etc. Yet again, it is an entire galaxy that is always expanding, and its pretty likely, especially on a settlement planet like Jakku we'd see a lot of races from new planets and such.
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    Eh... I still say it's a weak, uninspired design. Something Marvel would've conceived of and printed during their SW comic book run back in the 70s/80s.

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