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Thread: First Order TIE Fighter Pilot Elite - Armor Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuvio View Post
    But the fact that it is a repaint makes it desirable from a collectors point-of-view
    Since when are figure repaints "more desirable" to collectors? We would have 30 of every figure made.
    Repaints are a dime a dozen in Star Wars toys and figures. I mean, aside from the BMF and the TFA Falcon, they've all pretty much been repaints of the vintage Falcon. Give me a cool and unique figure over a repaints of one I already have any day.

    Having said that, in instances such as this, I will buy both the standard TIE and the Elite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordtyrannus View Post
    This one is actually a repaint of the standard TIE Pilot from the TFA basic line. The one packed with the desert weathered TIE has a removable helmet, which is much bigger than the helmet on the standard pilot figure.

    Yeah it is. And thats a shame since the pack-in version is way better. This version has the awful shrunken head, the helmet is way too small. Hasbro gets the heads/helmets too small a lot.
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    Does anyone know when this one will be released? Thanks!

  4. #14 has it being released sometime this month but I'm guessing sometime in February... hopefully within the first 2 weeks.
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    First sighting in the UK

    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    He has more detail than the pilots that came with the Tie. Also, better than the last tie pilot released.
    The only issue is will he fit in the tie? The other stand-along tie couldn't fit. Even Poe Dameron/Finn couldn't fit either. Can't even reproduce the escape scene with these toys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorBandito View Post
    This is up on Amazon now along with the new Finn Armor up: Star Wars Villain Pilot Deluxe Action Figure: Toys & Games
    Thanks. Got both.

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    saw this today. It's a real shame that it's based on the pea head pilot and not the removable helmet version, that would have been a great figure.
    Most wanted figures: Vedain, Luke Bespin (Beatup version), Fozec, Taym Dren Garen, Sim Aloo

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    Saw this and armor up fn-2187 today at a few targets and a toysrus in north county san diego

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