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Thread: Scimitar Feedback Thread

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    Scimitar Feedback Thread

    Please leave any transaction feedback here. Thanks!

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    Thank you so much for picking that BS6" Battlefront figure up for me. Cost plus shipping and I had it in 2 days. Excellent communication as well. Appreciate the fact that you went and picked these up for people in the thread on your own, and then posted that you had done so. I'm new to these forums, and it's great to be a part of this community. I found some 3.75" figures that some scummers were looking for, and paid it forward.


    Thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scimitar View Post
    Please leave any transaction feedback here. Thanks!

    I just completed a deal for the Walmart shocktrooper from Eric. Cost plus shipping is always good. He came through. Great scummer!

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    Hassle Free Zone. Eric provided a Black Series Shocktrooper for cost plus shipping. Figure was shipped quickly and packed extremely well. I would highly recommend Eric if he has a figure you need.

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    I was another beneficiary of Eric's generosity for the BS6 Shock Trooper. Now I don't have to repeatedly check Brickseek in vain.


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    I hope karma has some great things in store for this scummer. From the time I took an interest to the time Phasma arrived at my doorstep was two business days, and he can't have made a dime off the transaction his costs + shipping were so reasonable. Would trade again in a heartbeat.

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    Another smooth transaction. Thanks for the help!

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    Eric hooked me up with the Droid I was looking for. Easy transaction and came packed great. Thanks again.

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    Eric knew I needed an FO Snowtrooper Cmdr, found one, let me know, sold it to me at cost, and shipped it to me, all in a matter of days! Thanks for helping to fill literally the last hole in my collection!

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    Smooth and easy transaction - great scummer! - My feedback thread.

    Also on ebay as user vintagetodd.

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