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Thread: Large collection of MOC 12-backs, ESB31/47/48, vehicles and creature all unopened

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    Well I spent an entire day off boxing up most of the remaining ungraded items and shipped them in to AFA. They are beginning to come back now. The first set, the more valuable pieces, came back today. Some more will be coming in later next week, and I think another batch after that. I've updated my first post with the grades for these newest items, but here they are in summary

    Small figures
    Chewbacca (SW12A) - AFA 75 (B=75, F=85, C=80)
    Death Squad Commander (SW12A) - AFA 85 (B=85, F=85, C=80)
    Luke (SW12A) - AFA 85 (B=85, F=85, C=80)

    Landspeeder (SW) AFA 85
    Tie fighter (POTF) AFA 80
    X-wing (SW) AFA 75

    I will try to post pictures of these soon.Again, apologies how long this is taking. I hadn't really known how much I was biting off when I decided to take this on. My plan is to first list them all (individually) on eBay fixed price, and then figure out strategy for auctions or whatever.


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    Wow more great grades!

    Good luck.

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    Hey, all. I'm back. Crap, I lost track of time. I'd thought it had been only two ears since I was here. Then I realized my youngest, who is now 4, was only a few months old. eBay got me out of my hole with a promo for half off of selling fees. I've started creating listings, but I am paranoid about auctioning and then they don't sell for their value because of some screw-up I do.

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    I'd recommend posting them here, at prices you'd be happy with ( at least there isn't any fees to be paid here unlike ebay). There is the 3% Paypal fee, maybe you'd be willing to eat that per sale , or you split that with the buyer. After 1-2 months, what ever doesn't sell , then send it to ebay piece by piece. Don't over load yourself, maybe just 3-4 pieces per weekend list. Sept-Oct. is a good time to sell on ebay ( values tend to be down in Summer and Winter, in general).
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    You would do well on here with the pieces that you have mentioned in the past. If you decide to go ebay, it is tough to get high end items moved at this time of the year. However, it all depends on the time frame that you want to sit on items.

    Best of luck with whatever you do

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    I here.
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    Looking for a Vlix loose or carded. Also looking for 12 backs. Please PM

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