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Thread: Vintage Custom Collection

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    Del Goren and General Evram Lafarie

    Gotal and Duros, SA!
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    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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    SA Wuher, Kabe, Labria, Boshek!!!
    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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    good job on these. i just happened to be trying to update wuher. I used vc qui gon arms.
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    Hey Stan, are you going to make a new Muftak? That would be great to see.

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    Those look really fantastic! Generally, I'm not overly concerned with SA but there are several Cantina denizens that really need it for diorama accuracy. Your figures really nailed it!

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    Excellent work!

    Care to share the recipes for these?

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    Love these upgrades!!! Nice work Stan! I hope to take a crack at these myself some day in the future. Really want a SA Duros, Labria and Wuher, too!
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    More great work, Stan. Bravo!
    I'm not old, I'm just highly detailed.

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    Hem Dazon and Tessek joins this SA club! just about done with all cantina parons updated them , just a few left to do, then own to some new ones! Big thanks to CustomJedi for making Tessek skirt and cape!
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    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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    SA Djas Puhr and Dannik!
    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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