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Thread: Darth Maul & Seventh Sister Inquisitor

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    Darth Maul & Seventh Sister Inquisitor

    Here is the first look at the Seventh Sister Inquisitor figure via Jedi News:

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    Looks good!!!!
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    Buffy the Jedi Slayer!

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    So is that supposed to be a removable mask?

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    A 5 POA figure with a removable mask in 2015?! Unheard of!

    Finally Hasbro is coming back to its senses reinstating that important play feature.

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    Not sure? ^ At this point, it's already overused...
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    She looks like something I'd want to buy multiples of. So does the Seventh Sister.
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    I despise the name although am hopeful it means 7 female inquis. The spinning lightsaber is lazy

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    They have a removable mask for her but not for Sabine? Oh well--at least Buffy the Jedi Slayer looks good...

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