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Thread: Battery removal - modern collectibles

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    Question Battery removal - modern collectibles

    Has anyone been removing batteries from modern collectibles to prevent corrosion? I removed them from the Vader & holographic Emperor exclusive, Reek, and Nexu (had corrosion!). When it comes to figures / accessories, I only removed one from a C3PO accessory that came with a Chewbacca figure. I have a Qui-Gon with light-up saber, but that battery doesn't appear to be removable. I don't collect large vehicles, only mini-rig sized items, so I haven't encountered any with batteries.

    Any other figures, creatures, accessories, mini-rigs or exclusives that came with batteries? I know there were at least 2 light-up R2D2 figures - neither of which I own...

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    Great question I have all the batteries removed from my vehicles but I need to remove them from my r2d2 and my other figures as I get them out of storage and display them in my new Star Wars man cave

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    3 years later..
    for R2...

    HELP, I am looking for any alternate pictures of R2-X2 (stripes on dome), this droid is seen in Ep IV, during rebel briefing and being loaded into an X-Wing prior to Death Star Attack. <-for the feedback

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    Good topic to bring up! I worry about batteries in my toys as well. Many are stored away in unknown boxes, which alone is a hurdle to locate them. Then there are toys you would need to open in order to get the battery out. I'm mainly talking about carded figures. So if you want an item mint in unopened packaging, you have to sacrifice that to get the battery out.

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    Note for trading lithium batteries can only be shipped ground as they can cause damage on air travel

    its also the law.
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