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Thread: Poe's Blue X-Wing Fighter with Poe Dameron

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    That looks great! As I said, I do quite like it but the rrp scared me away initially. The size I can live with as long as it stays with others of its kind. Mu main frustration with it is that they all have BB-8 in them when we haven't seen another BB unit at all.
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    i actully wanted this one to hand off to dorovio bold sine there arent any blue original trilogy x wings (that i know of) available but hasbro sent me the black x wing as a gift for service issue they couldnt resolve.
    im really liking the black on e though because i feel its poe's signature ride. id have to rewatch tfa but i thnk maybe this is the xwing he tried to leave in when he was captured at the beginning hence the normal clothes/finn jacket instead of the flight suit.

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    Yeah, this one is what he was in at the beginning of the movie. That's why the figure comes with the jacket and helmet instead of being in a flight suit.
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    did a quick "black wash" on mine as well as scuffed up the blue markings to give it more of a "weathered" look.

    now I just need to make a better SA Jakku Poe Dameron figure for the ship as well as a mini Jakku diorama
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    Has anyone had a problem with the locking mechanism that holds the wings into attack position becoming loose? Mine suddenly began not being able to hold a completely open attack position. Curious if anyone has an idea of how to fix this.

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    How do you guys straighten these things out? Just heat with a blow dryer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    How do you guys straighten these things out? Just heat with a blow dryer?
    Another safe method would be to boil some water, put in a bowl or something, and dip it until it gets soft enough to straighten. Then hold it straight and run it under some cool tap water to lock in the shape.
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    looks great DarkArtist! IMO this spacecraft is an underrated treasure, and your weathering really highlights that for me. I hope someday I get to see a custom that mixes in some lighter blue along with the dark, as a kind of "wingman" option to go alongside this one : )

    (hint hint hint)

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