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Thread: Poe's Blue X-Wing Fighter with Poe Dameron

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    I like the blue one better, but the black/orange one isn't a bad Color scheme. Would probably make a nice Halloween decoration as well.

    I think Hasbro knows that a lot of People will buy both anyway. I mean, when is the last time we got two completely different X-Wings around the same time period?
    Also, it might depend on how the X-Wings are used in the films. maybe one will see more Action and People will end up liking that one better. It will be interesting to see what Color(s) get used going Forward into E8 and 9.
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    I wish this had been titled "Resistance X-Wing" and came with a generic pilot. Maybe even a helmetless Asty. I don't need no mo' Poe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper31 View Post
    Is this an exclusive?
    Could be as it's not featured in their catalog. Anyway, still a no go for me but, surly, a larger version can't come soon enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tauntaunweequay View Post
    I wish this had been titled "Resistance X-Wing" and came with a generic pilot. Maybe even a helmetless Asty. I don't need no mo' Poe.
    My thoughts exactly. Why does Poe need 2 X-Wings? (I guess we'll find out in the movie.)
    I think I'll hold off on this one as I'm sure another release with a different pilot is inevitable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Internets View Post
    Pretty clever. Hasbro knew everyone wanted the blue version but knew they could sell more Black Leader versions if they released that first knowing that people will buy the blue one as well.. If they had released the Blue version first, people may have passed on the Black one when it was released down the line.
    No they released the Black one first because as seen in the Japanese TRU pics in another thread they bought more product (or its just not selling) And we all know (those that collect japanese toys the Japanese love Black versions of toys.....just look at the Chogokin line.

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    I was ready to pass on the first Resistance X-Wing, but this one's worth it. My shelves are black - the squadron leader's fighter would have been nearly invisible! (I still can't find where I put down my TIE pilot, I'm going to have to stick a label on the next one).
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    Can't say I'm surprised. Even if the days of reissuing Jedi starfighters in every color of the rainbow have passed, it seemed unlikely (not to say ridiculous) to think that they wouldn't make a version of the X-Wing that seems to have a high profile in the movie.

    I'm definitely in the camp that prefers this one. And I'd have told myself that I'd pass on the black one, but I'd probably have ended up picking one up anyway.

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    I suppose it's too much to hope they have the QC issues improved with this version. Guess I will cross my fingers, because I really want a version of this ship.

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    The real question is...will we ever see this in stores??
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    Wish this one came with an unhelmeted Asty instead...

    I prefer the white version but I'm not sure I'll pick this up after the hideous QC issues with the Black x-wing I picked up.
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