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Thread: The Force Awakens Pegwarmers

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    The Force Awakens Pegwarmers

    Ok ok probably very soon to say pegwarmers since the toy line is pretty new so let put it this way - what's hanging around on the shelves longer then normal atm? What's not selling quickly?

    Around here it's Bespin Luke, Vader and Zuvio don't seem to be moving that quickly. Everything else seems to be doing well so far.

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    The pegs are totally empty in my area. The basics, Armored up, everything. But the last figures to go were Luke, Vader and Zuvio.

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    Same as Miserabelle. Picked clean. The only warming the pegs by me seem to the Hero Mashers.
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    You could army build the Bespin Luke's at my Toys "R" Us right now. Armor-Up Finn is available at every store around me too. Other than that, Hasbro didn't ship enough product to leave much hanging around.

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    black series chewie, zuvio, and all the armor up

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    Black Series Chewie, Finn and Rey, Bespin Luke 3.75

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    Between Kohls and Kmart is seems the Resistance Soldier, Tie Pilot, and Bespin Luke are the peg warmers here. Everywhere else everything 3.75" is sold out including vehicles.

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    Finn and Zuvio mostly. Rey and Poe somewhat
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    Too soon, I'll come back in a few weeks. But based on what I've seen so far resistance trooper and Zuvio.
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