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Thread: Your The Force Awakens Toy Line Collection - Picture Thread

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    Awesome work on the dio Utinniii. That's some great work on the background painting as well!

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    Here's what I got for my TFA collection.

    Looking to get R2/Threepio pack and a few Snowtroopers, Flametroopers and TIE Pilots.

    Rey with Luke's lightsaber, Poe and Asty, and 3.75" and 6" Han figures to keep boxed with original paint apps.

    Millennium Falcon (Nerfalcon) Looking to weather this eventually.

    Poe's X-wings.

    Disney Store Titaniums First Order and Special Forces TIE, Resistance X-wing and a Funko Pop Poe Dameron, which a friend got me for my birthday.

    And finally my custom Action Fleet TFA Millennium Falcon and First Order TIE Fighter.

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    Thanks! You might notice that I lined up the skyline in the WIP shot. The right corner looked awful. The Macquarrie gate is a separate piece so it stick out a bit. The main building is actually several layers so it is 3D. It was my first attempt at painting perspective.

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    Finally have my set of SA FO Stormtroopers in different variants. I have a few more normal Walmart Stormtroopers too, but I just wanted to display one of each type for now.

    Black Series 6" Tie Fighter Pilot (not the TFA one)
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    Assault Walker stampede:

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