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Thread: Poe Dameron - Walmart

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    I don't see how those guys can be a threat to Jedi with only one guy having a lightsaber. They just have axes and If they don't have lightsabers thats a good indication they don't use the force. No force and axes and spears? I'd think Luke could tell them to F off. No?
    They probably just didn't want to show their sabers.

    If they don't have sabers though, they probably have vibro blades and some can deflect sabers.

    They're also all probably force sensitives.

    And Luke was probably the only master level jedi there.

    And he looks like he wasn't there when it happened from the scenes in TFA and the scene in the teaser.

    Kylo probably tricked Luke into leaving the academy defenseless to attack it.

    And it looks like Kylo is saving Rey in the vision. Maybe he put her on Jakku?

    Or maybe the "Kylo" in the vision is Snoke in that armor? I don't know how tall he is though.

    I made progress on the Poe to Kyp conversion in means of articulation. I modified his shoulders to allow him to properly aim rifles and pistols.

    But I'm still going through my fodder figures to find a compatible Joe head. If I can't find one, I'll just alter the Poe sculpt to look more like Kyp. :{D
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

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    I've got Poe all modded up so he can actually sit in the X-wing. I had to cut some of the back of his knees away and scrape some of the plastic away from his hips to do it.

    The next thing I'd like to fix on Poe is how chubby he looks in the flight suit. It's like they already know they're going to use Poe's body for an SA Porkins(younger Porkins from TFA).

    I've decided that I'm just going to keep the Oscar Isaacs head as Kyp's and just repaint the eyes and hair.

    I'm going to try detailing the pistol he has with a wash and then the only part left will be repainting his helmet. :{D
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

    If you need anything 3d Printed PM me. :{J

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    Down but not out:

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    You forgot the "pew pew".
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