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Thread: Rey (Jakku) - Walmart

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    I'm ok with this not coming with BB-8 since it does include some good accessories. BB-8 will show up eventually. But can you tell from new Wal-mart pics if this one will be able to ride her speeder since the outer cloth is plastic?
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    This figure is the best of the lot, nice looking figure indeed. If she has BJ hips they are well concealed unlike the other 2. I can get rid of the Speeder pack in one now!

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    This figure looks pretty cool. I'll definitely get her.

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    Me too. Hope to be able to get her.
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    "Good" is halfway between bad and great, so what are you really saying?

    She does look okay though, I will get her, Finn and Poe or course. At least her hips are hidden, unlike Finn and Poe.
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    I will definitely pick this one up.
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    Excellent! I hope I can find one. In my experience Walmart is unreliable, to put it nicely.
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    Looks great! Really liking all the accessories included with her too! I'll be keeping the pack-in Rey that came with her speeder in the box and putting this figure on it instead.
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    Terrific figure. Best of the three.
    Four?.... No, that Han doesn't count. AT All.

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