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Thread: Han Solo - ROTJ - Walmart

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    Han Solo - ROTJ - Walmart

    Here's as picture of the ROTJ Han Solo in trench coat action figure that'll be sold in Walmart:

    Thoughts on this figure?

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    Most probably a pass for me unless it's a significant improvment over a former ANH Han. Gonna wait for TFA Han i guess.

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    I'll be honest, I've always loved the VOTC Han and I'd love if they re-released that version. Otherwise, it had better be a nice ANH Han of some kind for me to considering picking it up.
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    I hope it's all new and based on the 6" sculpt. Maybe even with interchangeable gloved hands. I know, I'm probably dreaming.
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    I thought it was a rotj Han, but if indeed ahn Han, maybe a correct yavin cerimony Han

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    anh not ahn...hey sane letters as Han. Lol

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    It can't be a bad thing to have Han Solo available at retail for all the new or old and returning Star Wars fans. I don't see what the big deal is here. I think it's pretty obvious that the repacks aren't meant for "us". They are for the new casuals or returning collectors. If anything I'm pretty happy that we are getting the TFA figures out of this. The Luke, Vader, Chewbacca and Solo figures will sell.

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    It's not a bad thing to have a Han repack, you're right...but they literally picked the worst SA Han there is. They could have gone with the classic ANH VOTC Han again or even TVC Han Bespin. Last I checked he's still pretty hard to come by. He's not perfect (I don't care for him at all personally) but this, this is by far the worst. And he's been repacked a lot more than the other superior Han's out there.

    Repacks are generally well received when they are a "hall of fame" character or a figure that was hard to come by during it's initial run. Like half of TVC figures.
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    This particular figure has seen so many re releases its ridiculous. Other options exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JACKOFTRADZE View Post
    I would have been very happy with an updated Han Solo in AT-ST Driver disguise. All it would be is a head/helmet. Were not asking for much Hasbro just a little newness or desirable repacks at the very least.
    Another great idea! Core character update, check. New figure, check. I mean seriously, is there any thought going on over there at Hasbro?

    Quote Originally Posted by HothHan View Post
    I don't see what the big deal is here. I think it's pretty obvious that the repacks aren't meant for "us". They are for the new casuals or returning collectors.
    But if they had gone with one of the figures I mentioned, or even the AT-ST version. Look at how many "more" people would have bought it.
    Going with this factory reject, means only a very select few will be buying it.

    However, if they didn't make too many. And he sells through well enough, no harm done. But if this figure pegwarms, creating another logjam...
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