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Thread: Your 3.75" SA Collection Pictures

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    Good luck with that.

    I have too many from Vintage Collection, black series, saga collection and legacy collection to take pics of all of them

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    Well I made a thread in limelighting and display, but I guess I can repost this here

    For the original thread :

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    A few from some of the photos I've posted in the diorama section.

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    An old photo (has been moved around a bit since then), but this is the main display of my brother's and my collection

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    No room for Poe lol. Now I'm branching out and collecting other figures so it looks like its time for a new case.

    There's a few customs in there, and at the bottom right that is a custom of myself as an X-wing pilot.

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    It ain't all SA, but I love them all just the same! Hey Hasbro, FINISH THE CANTINA!!!

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    Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

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    Are they dancing or fighting in that top pic?!
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    Rogue One:

    Scariff Trooper assault

    Sniper Configuration

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