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Thread: Han Solo - ROTJ - Walmart

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    Because like the Vader, this was released once in extremely limited numbers and no one has him.

    Eh, at lease it's the one with the superior headsculpt.

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    "You just watch yourself, we're wanted men! I have the death sentence on twelve systems!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGT_A View Post
    Hahahahaha..... (takes deep breath) hahahaha. Wtf is really going on at Hasbro.
    What? Expecting something new? Hasbro is more focused on TFA so they'll utilise existing sculpts as much as they can to resell to keep costs down.

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    Expecting something new? No, but at least something worth the MSRP they're asking! I already spoke my peace in another thread about this monstrosity, so i won't get into further. But there are far better Solo figures that could have been reissued!
    I could have lived with rissues of this, this, or even this figure. If it had to be a Solo release. But we still could use reissues of ERG, Ponda Baba, BSG #3. So many worthy candidates...
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    On the bright side, no matter how awful a Han Solo figure is, it always sells. At least it won't pegwarm and hold up future waves.
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    What's funny/sad is you can get this figure packed in the Endor pack for $80. Let's think about that. $80 gets you this Han, basically the same BS Chewie, Leia, Stormtrooper, AT-ST driver, Imperial officer, and two ewoks. So 8 figures for $80 which puts the figures at the old price of $10 per figure. Am I missing something, oh wait, the AT-ST comes with it too! So, 8 figures at a discounted $10 per and a free AT-ST. But yeah, this one comes with a coat, totally worth $13.
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    Hopefully in a few months we'll see a Han with gray hair and a duster jacket.

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    Whenever I think about dusters I think about always sunny in Philadelphia

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    No one wanted this repack that is more expensive than when first released.
    And the crappy part?...I can already hear Hasbro's excuses at CC. "He's a great Seller".
    I would've taken two repainted ewoks over this. Unbelievable.

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