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Thread: Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions

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    Got this with the Blu Ray. Don't know of anyone collects these still but if you want it ill ship it out to you for a few bucks PayPal.

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    Hi, looking to buy or trade, the trading card that is include in the serie 3 galactic connexion packs. The card is good for a free digital card pack. The card front show a disk of kylo ren and poe. I don't know if the card come in the 5 pack or the 14 disk pack. We don, t have these collectible in Canada.

    You can see my want/have list here:

    Thanks for any help, Stephane

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    I have a couple of extra sets of the Subway slime green. I will sell em for $8 a piece total includes shipping if any are intersted.

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    Looking for a saelt-Marae (Yakface), don't care about disk color just not looking to pay some outrageous amount because it's considered "rare". I do have some series 1 from starter packs and Wal-Mart giveaway packs that I could offer up in trade if there is something I have you need.
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    Anyone have any Galactic Connexions lots to sell or trade?
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    me, and alot of them. what are you looking for?

    I would trade for topps or decipher ccg cards

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    I have probably 25 of them I would sell or trade for cards I'm missing from the new Solo set just out.

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    Looking for primarily for the following Connexions:

    1. Boba Fett (preferably from the first set)
    2. Bossk
    3. IG-88
    4. Aurra Sing
    5. 2-1B
    6. Snowtrooper (Imperial, not First Order)

    Or may be interested in a larger lot depending in price; as I have none of the cards you fellows are looking for.
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    I'm looking for the following Series 3 #53 Saelt-Marae discs

    Black Holofoil
    Black Patternfoil
    Clear Standard
    Jabba Slime Green
    Lightsaber Purple
    Death Star Silver
    C3-P0 Gold

    I have tons of Series 3 to trade, heres a list of all my spares:

    Thanks, Mike

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