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Thread: X-Wing Pilot Asty

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    Another cool looking character - and hopefully one that will get a blue / light gray Resistance X-Wing vehicle to fly in!!!!

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    I will buy this figure. Would much rather his helmet be removable though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellwig4190 View Post
    I will buy this figure. Would much rather his helmet be removable though
    Most likely will be removable in the probable version that comes with the white & blue x-wing?

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    Love the design. the flesh mustache reminds me of the dug species somehow.

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    The character is supposedly designed after the bullfish. I wonder if this specie is from the same planet as Mon Calamaris?

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    More like hasty... which sounds like a good attribute for a pilot

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    The helmet has got that Biggs design going on. That yellow visor is killing it for me though.

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    As a pilots fan this has been disappointing, we've had two Rebel (Resistance) Pilots revealed and the figures have been awful. This and the Poe figure would be wonderful if they were super articulated.
    Hasbro, if you're listening, REBEL PILOT MULTIPACK! Rogue One: Antoc Merrick, Blue Leader. A New Hope: Theron Nett, Red 10. Empire Strikes Back: Rogue 4, Hobbie Klivian Snowspeeder. Return of the Jedi: Horten Salm, Gray Leader. All easy kitbashes, all unique, a guaranteed best seller.

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