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Thread: Build-a-Weapon Parts

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    Build-a-Weapon Parts

    So what's everyone's thoughts on these pack in parts? Great? Fun? Waste of plastic? Should've been a droid part? or no parts at all and make the basic figures cheaper? What's everyone going to do with them?

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    Definitely a waste of plastic to me. It could have been fun would they have been parts from an actual movie weapon or gear.

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    They could've packed extra blasters, lightsabers, droid parts, figure stands, or even nothing at all with a $1 price decrease, and everyone would be happier. This is a poor decision on Hasbro's part.
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    My son is 12 and likes it. Me not so much, I prefer stand, a small weapon or if it has to be build a...make it a droid those were fun.

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    Straight into the spare parts bin.
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    Better than nothing and with only a 3 figure commitment necessary to complete the gun station(s), scissors backpack, or saw blade thingamajig, I might buy a figure that I wouldn't have, otherwise, to complete a set. This would be contingent on my kids showing interest. I won't be collecting these. I imagine this gimmick will help the weak sisters of the weapon trios move - vader, luke bespin, constable, and resistance soldier. Seems like a fairly sound strategy.

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    They are going on ebay. Somebody has to want them, right....right??
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    Besides what's already been posted about these, the armor-up figures armor isn't much larger than the build-a-weapon. So why did they double the price on the armor-up figures? Oh i forgot....they added a box three times the size needed just to waste shelf space.

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    My 4 year old loves them. They useless for me.

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    Money could have been spent on joints!

    Crap, waste of dead dinosaurs. I wouldn't have even liked them as a kid myself, assuming that they are not from the film.
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