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Thread: Chopper (C1-10P) and Garazeb Orrelios - MS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwillow View Post
    not positive, but I think Zeb's blaster might be different.
    He comes with the same blaster he had before, he also comes with a larger machine gun that the clones used to come with.

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    I'm tempted to pick this up since I don't have a Chopper yet. I have seen it at Meijer, and $15.00 would be cheaper than paying for an overpriced Chopper by himself.

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    It's in stock on Amazon for anyone who hasn't picked this up and still wants it.

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    I picked this up when Meijer had one of their buy one/get one half off Star Wars figures. In addition I got 20% off with their mperks thing. So I got the Chopper/Zeb two pack at 20% off (ended up being like $12), and I did the half off to double dip on Ezra for his lightsaber. I can definitely justify $4 for his lightsaber.

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    Chopper is my favourite from the Rebels

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    Got lucky and found the single Chopper back in 2014 and last year.

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