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Thread: Chopper (C1-10P) and Garazeb Orrelios - MS**

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    I have both figures already, so I'm a bit disappointed both figures are simple repacks. But on the other hand, I can imagine other collectors are happy to finally get their hands on Chopper...

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    I was never able to find a Chopper figure and my Zeb is suffering from a bit of a lazy eye. Neither figure was plentiful in my area at all (I only saw Zeb three times), so it'll be nice to get another shot at owning both figures.

    It doesn't hurt that Zeb and Chopper are my two favorite characters from the series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
    This is a great combo. Better than forcing someone to get yet anohter storm trooper. I do need Zeb.
    What? The Stormtrooper pack in was the best idea to come out of the Saga Legends Mission Series two packs!
    Another Stormtrooper is another soldier a larger army of bad guys. Another Zeb is what? Zeb's evil twin?

    Besides, based on what he currently goes for on eBay, the pack in for Chopper should have been another Chopper.

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    I see a hugh qty of zebs coming to ebay and the classifieds section.

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    Definitely bummed we're getting the Zeb rerelease with the same mold but very excited to finally get Chopper out on the shelves again! I feel like packing Sabine in this would've made it a big seller since a lot of people couldn't get her the first time around; I also like the ideas posted of Kanan in Stormtrooper gear, or just the basic Stormtrooper/new pauldron Stormtrooper Commander for army building. It's ashame Hasbro doesn't pick up on these small things more, specially with them being 5POA and cheaper to produce.

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    Works for me. I still need both of them.

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    Does this come with anything different or extra (weapons/accessory-wise) to the original Chopper/Zeb SL/MS packs?

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    not positive, but I think Zeb's blaster might be different.

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    I want this so I can get another Chopper to go in the Y-Wing Bomber. I don't really need another Zeb, but I'm sure I can figure out something to do with him.

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