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Thread: Desert Landspeeder with Finn (Jakku)

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    Love seeing the Freeco Speeder and the McQuarrie speeder bike. I need to go back and pick up both of those beautiful vehicles.

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    Wow, something I'd actually pick up. I collect Joe's as well so i'm sure I'll have an extra cannon or two to replace the spring-loaded one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    The vehicle looks neat, might pick it up if it appears in the movie
    I think it will since there's also a Titanium version as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey_History View Post
    This is probably the closest thing yet to the White Witch, but I would gladly take the real thing any day. If Hasbro is going to make up vehicles anyway, why not just make this one that Droids fans have been wanting for 30 years. What a beauty! I like most speeders though, so will probably get Finn's.
    Hopefully this concept gets reused for his solo film, that way we can finally this vehicle!
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    Interesting to see a bare stormtrooper under suit after all these years. Interesting it looks like regular clothing and not the fully piped pressure suit we would think is there. Must be the under-under suit. I'm underwhelmed by the figure and the speeder design alike. Though I would like to see what it looks like without that ROPS cage on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spratchmonkey View Post
    Supposedly his stormtrooper undersuit, and presumably sand.
    you might be right but it looks kind of baggy to be an undersuit. i just dont really like the ugly red missile on this vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandalorehunter View Post
    you might be right but it looks kind of baggy to be an undersuit. i just dont really like the ugly red missile on this vehicle.
    Fortunately it looks like that will pop off pretty easily.
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    The pic from the catalog Shows inn Manning the gun. Is that Constable Ruvio driving?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalJedi View Post
    I quite like the design of this, other than the goofy oversized cannon.

    It's more interesting visually then Rey's speeder:
    Hilarious! When I first saw the pic., I thought it was supposed to be a piece of excrement - LOL.

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