I hit Westland TRU at midnight, I was about 30 people back in line and they were letting in groups of ten at 12:01. By the time I got in there was no Black 6" left at all. REALLY terrible planning on Hasbro or TRU's part. They were limiting folks to 3 of each item, but I stood and watched the first few customers in buy 3 Kylo's and Stormtrooper's apiece. Ugh.

So I hit Meijer. Nothing, not even a shelf tag for 6".

Then Canton Wal-Mart, and finally found a Kylo Ren. No stormtrooper, though. Lots of Chewie's and Finn's there.

The 3 3/4" stuff is serious crap, guys. I saw a new wave of Black Collection 3 3/4" at WM but they weren't TFA related.

So I could use a hand with a stormtrooper, if you're in my area. I also drive to Flint and Lansing a lot too... favors WILL be owed!