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Thread: The Finds Awaken

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    The Finds Awaken

    Is anyone looking at any stores to see if product is shelved early, or are you looking to hit the midnight madness?

    Thought it'd be a good time to start a new thread.
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    Makes sense for a new thread.

    I haven't been in a store in a while, but this morning I swung by the toy department while breezing through Meijer. They were re-setting the aisles, and there was big empty section with signage that tantalized Force Friday. It was really exciting to see the signs and the empty space taking up nearly half an aisle, and I was reminded of Midnight Madnesses from the past. Those were exciting days and really put an instant smile on my face as I eagerly anticipate the onslaught of Star Wars movies that are to come.

    And then I thought about the leaked images of TFA product that we've all seen and my smile turned into a frown. I am so disappointed with Hasbro for releasing these stripped-down, rudimentary action figures.

    I've been collecting Star Wars action figures for nearly 40 years, and I gleefully watched as figures and vehicles got better and better with each passing year. There were some stinkers, of course, along the way but for over 30 years Hasbro consistently wowed me with toys and collectibles that satisfied my discerning and elevated tastes. Hasbro showed me what Star Wars action figures could be by taking sculpting, paint and articulation to new level after new level. Hasbro introduced me characters outside the movies and cartoons through action figures, and expanded my knowledge of the Star Wars Universe. But since 2012 or so there has been a noticeable downward trend with action figures in terms of sculpt, paint applications and especially articulation. I'm dumbfounded that Hasbro would take such a simplistic approach to the figures, and I'm sincerely saddened by the thought that for the time being** I likely won't collect Star Wars action figures.

    I've known for a while that I wouldn't participate in Midnight Madness since it's strangely on a work night, but I knew I would sneak out for an extended lunch break on Friday to peruse the toy aisle. I probably still will visit TRU that day just to check things for myself, but I fully expect that I won't be making a purchase that day.

    **I completely expect Hasbro to wait a year or so and trot out new versions of these characters as ***NEW - SUPER ARTICULATED*** and act as if they've reinvented the wheel, all in an effort to get collectors to buy the characters all over again.

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    Spam - not doing the Midnight Madness thing but definitely looking forward to NEW product. I'll be out over that weekend trying to pick up what I can.

    And in reply to Pizza, I completely understand that the lack of articulation is somewhat of a turn off to you (and many many others on this site) but with the increasing cost of a single figure ($13 - seriously????), a good looking product (even a 5POA one) that will hopefully be about half the cost is most welcome.

    And although I haven't bought many of the "legends" figures that are currently out as I already have a superior one of the same character, the prospect of getting figures of NEW characters is very exciting.

    In addition, you are probably correct that SA figures of the same characters will come out eventually (and I will buy those too), but for now, it's nice to have something to look forward too.

    BTW - I like the look of the vehicles I seen so far in this line. Again - new stuff!!!

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    I may go to midnight madness because the timing will coincide with the end of MSU vs Western that night. I highly don't I will purchasing anything other than bb8 or something for my son. The figures have just gone too far backwards for my taste.

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    I'll only buy 6" Black Series now and only when I stumble across a good one, but I may actually do MM just for fun and to snag at least a Stormtrooper and maybe a Kylo.

    The rest they can keep.
    Things I need
    Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch (Allfather), Titanium Boba Fett helmet
    Have: BF Shocktrooper, various TFA, Tarkin, Zuckuss
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    after seeing Hasbro's product offering...

    Star Wars The Force Awakens Leaked Hasbro Catalog Pictures

    I'll probably get the 6", a few of the 3 3/4, and the Rey Speeder. It'd be cool to put it on the shelf with this painting I did...
    Minnie Mouse as Rey from The Force Awakens trailer by darrinbrege on DeviantArt

    Mick would like a mini BB-8, if the have the remote one. Man, I'm underwhelmed with quite a bit. Where is Solo? Finn, Chewie, and BB8 in a crummy looking Falcon? Ahhh, no.
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    WTF is up with that the Millennium Falcon?!? What a horrible steaming pile! $130 for that?!?
    "What a piece of junk!" - Luke Skywalker, A New Hope

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    Regardless of my earlier post - that Falcon is a piece of CRAP (although I do want the figures from it) and the price is downright ridiculous!!!!

    I don't collect the 6" figures but the basic 3 3/4" figures and most of the ships look good (although I'm disappointed that Hasbro is again breaking out the 1977 molds for the X-wing and Tie Fighter)

    The one thing that I am pleased about is that Titaniums are coming back.

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    Make sure that you're looking at the pictures of the opened TFA figures and ships that are showing up now. You'll get a good eyeful of why this stuff is over-priced junk and should be left to rot on the store shelves.

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    Pizza - tell us what you really think!!!

    On a collecting note - I found a bunch of new FA stuff at the Dearborn WalMart today (Titaniums/Class 2 vehicles-no figures though) - I must say that the Titaniums look good (and I love the packaging).

    Problem is that I wasn't able to any of them. Upon scanning one of the items, the cashier proceeded to tell me that they could not sell anything until tomorrow. I wasn't upset although I keep thinking to myself - "then don't put stuff out that you can't buy!!!!"

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