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Thread: The Finds Awaken

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    I have looked at the 6" figures and they are fantastic. I was even thinking about buying the ones that came out on the big vintage style cards but just couldn't do it.

    I am still sticking with the 3 3/4" figures but I totally get why you guys have embraced the 6" ones.

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    The 3 3/4" figures will remain my main focus. I just have a few select 6 inch besides those 4 I just bought. They are the SDCC Jabba Throne, Gammorean Guard, Bespin Leia, and Princess Leia.

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    Then don't buy a Vader or Fett, you'll be hooked for sure!

    The same goes for OT troopers, too...
    Things I need
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    The 6" line does have some marvelous sculpts and can hit detail levels that the 3.75" line can't quite reach. The lineup of bounty hunters look quite exquisite in the 6" scale. That said there's definitely room for both in my collection. 3.75s have a much wider character selection and store easier.
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    Ann Arbor/Saline Rd Target had a full case of Archive Wave 2 minus 1 Anakin. They look great. Gonna have to wait on them though. My Chopper will be here tomorrow!

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    Ann Arbor/Saline Rd Target had a full case of the Black Series Chopper wave. Mollochs were on clearance for $12.48

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    I saw one Archive Scout Trooper at Carpenter Rd Meijer. No other Archive figures. Nice to know they’re getting wave too as well though

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    Ann Arbor/Saline Rd Target had 1 Black Series Chopper and 1 Han Mudtrooper. Meijer across the street has Black series on sale for 75% off. Along with some Jyns, Cassians, and Krennics, they had 1 red armed 3PO, 2 Deathtroopers, and 2 Scarif Squad leaders. At 75% $17.99 it comes to $4.50 per figure.

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    Ann Arbor/Saline Rd Meijer had 1 Archive Biker Scout and 2 Yodas. Nothing else interesting.

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    Saline Walmart had 4 Black series Archive Biker Scouts and 3 Yodas. They're on the bottom shelf close to the Power Rangers/Transformers. I'm pretty sure I've missed them several times.

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