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Thread: The Finds Awaken

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    The only time I'd seen them in-store was the first 'street date' day for them. Since then they've been no-shows since. There was a rumor more stock was coming out that week but apparently that wasn't for the Retro line. Pretty much at this point anyone looking to finish the set will likely have to wait until the Fall when supposedly other (r)etailers will be getting their hands on them.
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    Good Afternoon,

    There are 2 Han as stormtoopers on the pegs at the Dearborn Heights Target as of 6/10/19. One has a seriously bent corner, just like a bookmark. Also, plenty of the Escape From The Death Star game with carded Tarkin on the shelves in the games section at the Westland and north Canton Target locations.

    Will E.
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