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Thread: The Finds Awaken

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    Anyone have any sightings of the Retro figures?
    I found 1 Vader on a damaged card laying on the shelf in the Star Wars toy aisle on Monday at the Ypsilanti Target. Probably because the card was bent and had a damaged corner. I have Leia and Chewy coming from the website because they appeared for a split second around midnight on monday. I'm still hoping to catch a restock now that they set the Father's Day display in the Men's clothing and have a peg for them.

  2. #622 one went out to look for them on Sunday morning?
    Here is the report I posted on my facebook page.
    Star Wars Target Exclusive Retro Figures Report:
    I did well this morning, but it started out a little shaky.
    Got inside the first store, Woodhaven, and there were two other guys there besides me and my wife but, they were pretty cool and we were all talking shop. We found an employee to assist us, I gave the Retro and Han Exclusive dpci# to her and she said they had 12 on hand and went to the back.
    A few minutes passed and it seemed like it was taking too long to me.
    Then this scalper guy I've seen around for years, he used to have a table at Gibraltar starts nosing up in our business.
    Then this lady and her kids show up as the electronics lady is coming out of the back with only one case of figures. I could tell from a distance that it was only the Han Stormtrooper case because it was too wide.
    So everyone's a little let down; the lady with the kids starts yelling I called yesterday and they said they had 12 of each figure on hand blah blah blah...
    I stayed focused though and had the Electronics person open the Han case, got my 3 figures, sort of speculated with her about whether she could try to find the other cases etc.
    I then looked around and there was a group of people all swarmed about and they were all asking the same kind of stuff but they weren't being as pleasant. Especially the loud lady w/ the kids.
    I turned and looked at my wife and said "it's time to go, we have to move on to the next store.
    Next Store: Southgate, Nope just sold out of them.
    Time to go...
    Next Store. Target in the sky(that's what we call it) the one off Oakwood in Dearborn The guy in electronics said "oh yeah, I have those over here at my counter but someone already went through them"
    That made me sad...
    However, it was the Han Stormtrooper wave, I immediately gave him the Retro dpci# he said there was 11 in the back but only came out with one case I was very happy and thanked him profusely.
    However, I wasn't done yet because I wanted a double of Leia and a Stormtrooper.
    So off to another Target my wife and I went.
    Target Ford rd Dearborn Heights, I scored there as well got my 2 doubles and the Retro game with Tarkin, had to have an employee bring the Retro out of the back, game was on the shelf in the game section.
    Such a relief...
    The man that brought them out for said he knew where they were because someone had just been there and purchased the other case.
    And sorry about the size of the picture
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    I'll never own any original sealed vintage figures in my lifetime so I really thought these were worth it.
    So many memories from when I was a kid even with the fake damage to the cards.
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    I was out bright and early Sunday morning, waiting for Target to open (was really looking forward to getting back home and to bed again). When they opened went in and around the store, nothing new was out anywhere. Thankfully I needed something else while there so at the register got the usual "did you find everything you were looking for?" which gave a perfect chance to say "well...". Had the Han Stormtrooper brought up from 'the back' (there was someone else there with me doing the same) and then on the way out was told by another employee to head back to Electronics and maybe they'd have more there. The two of us did that and the rest of the Han case and one case of the retro figures was there. Picked up the Chewie and the Stormtrooper and let it be at that.
    There wasn't any sign of the Luke Stormtrooper 6" figure nor the Escape game - the game though I ordered through the website and that came the Wednesday before. Still on the fence about the 6" Luke.

    In the end that morning we'd left Han and Vader behind along with the rest of the Han Stormtroopers - definitely no scalper greedies with us at that time or they'd have grabbed everything in sight only to either put it on eBay or on the SW Battles FB group for 2-3x the price.
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    I just picked up 6” Stormtrooper Luke at the Carpenter rd Target in Ypsilanti. They still had 3z in the regular toy aisle. Didn’t see any of the other new figures.

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    Carpenter Rd Target had 5 6" Stormtrooper Lukes as of yesterday. I still haven't seen any retro figures, TVC Stormtrooper Han, or the game that comes with Tarkin.

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    TVC Hantrooper, BS Luketrooper and the Tarkin board game are in stock at

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    Target Exclusive TBS Luke as Trooper Found!

    Saw the Black Series 6 inch Luke as Stormtrooper on 6/1/19 at the Westland Target. Interestingly, located on mobile shelving in the Mens department, not in the toy aisle.

    Hope this helps,
    Will E.

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    Anyone still have any sightings of the Retro Collection figures? I'm still trying to find Luke, Han & Stormtrooper. I managed to find a lone Vader in a local Target and got Leia & Chewy online when they appeared for a split second.

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