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Thread: The Finds Awaken

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    I hit Westland TRU at midnight, I was about 30 people back in line and they were letting in groups of ten at 12:01. By the time I got in there was no Black 6" left at all. REALLY terrible planning on Hasbro or TRU's part. They were limiting folks to 3 of each item, but I stood and watched the first few customers in buy 3 Kylo's and Stormtrooper's apiece. Ugh.

    So I hit Meijer. Nothing, not even a shelf tag for 6".

    Then Canton Wal-Mart, and finally found a Kylo Ren. No stormtrooper, though. Lots of Chewie's and Finn's there.

    The 3 3/4" stuff is serious crap, guys. I saw a new wave of Black Collection 3 3/4" at WM but they weren't TFA related.

    So I could use a hand with a stormtrooper, if you're in my area. I also drive to Flint and Lansing a lot too... favors WILL be owed!
    Things I need
    Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch (Allfather), Titanium Boba Fett helmet
    Have: BF Shocktrooper, various TFA, Tarkin, Zuckuss
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    Wow, I guess I'm in the minority as someone who's buying some of this stuff. I didn't go to any midnight rollouts--sounds like TRU would have been a waste anyway--but I hit Canton Target as soon as it opened. I got there about ten minutes after opening and they were largely cleared out already. Same at the other stores I hit this morning. The armor figures don't seem to be selling that well but everything else is flying off the shelves so far. I dare say that retailers might have underestimated demand. I managed to get the basic figures I wanted, but the two packs were completely sold out everywhere, even the ones that should be pegwarmers, and the vehicles and six inch were few and far between.

    At least today comes with news that the 3 3/4" SA figures will be continuing albiet at a greatly reduced pace and as a Walmart exclusive. Jeditemplearchives also posted that Vintage Collection in clamshells is coming back as a TRU exclusive.

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    The 5POA figures are about $7-8 per. The WM exclusive SA 3.75s at least per their site are just about $13 each so it looks to be a $3 price increase for them compared to the standard TBS pricing (not including the round of Target-initiated markups).
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    Mick and I met up with some friends at the Novi TRU. I echo the same as everyone here....We were about 25th in line, and everything was cleared out by the time we got in. I wanted the 6" figs. No trooper or Rey. Snagged the speeder bike and a few little ones.
    New Hudson WM right after had everything, including cupcakes! Lol. All mick wanted was a stormtrooper and Rey and BB8 6" but most of all the $150 BB8. That was nowhere to be found except the Brighton Meijers (just went at about 2am on a whim) had 3 of them. The thing is fantastic. Really cool. Ok, I broke down and got one too. If you're interested, Bed Bath and Beyond had about 8 of them on the shelf in Brighton. Just checked this morning to see what the Brighton Target had, and it was just about everything.
    The only 3 3/4 figs we didn't see was the desert two pack with the little BB-8. No two packs anywhere. Did anyone see any two packs?
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    Didn't go out at midnight but during a morning sweep (TRU, Target, KMart, Meijer, WalMart) I didn't find two-packs anywhere. Not sure if they just haven't been released yet or if they were just another casualty of low stock which seems to be plaguing the stores today in an apparent underestimation of demand.
    How big is that $150 BB8? There was an ABC video that made it look positively tiny, but still adorable.
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    Well, I decided to hit a nearby Meijer store at 5am, before work, and saw a large isand display, half empty, and an equally impressive amount of shelf real estate, again, empty. The island display had the BB’s, some shirts, cups, all the FA basic figures, some 24’ or 36’ figures, playsets of some kind, some vehicles, figure 2-packs, but no 6” figures, which I was looking for. I should have come back to this store later in the day as I'm sure they had a LOT more product to stock.

    Around 3pm, I hit my local Wally and wasn’t shocked to see a ridiculously shameful shelf space about 3 feet wide allotted for various FA toys but containing only a few paltry basic, roleplay sabers, and a vehicle or two. What a joke.

    Booked it over to a Super Wally on the west side of Lansing and found their massive display, about 70% empty… but some 6” remained, including 1 Rey (Yay!), 3 Ren’s, lots of Chewies and Fin’s and, you guessed it, no stormies (shocking… I know).

    Skipped 2 Targets (which I later regretted as I returned home to learn that the Walgreens Exclusive Rick Grimes has been spotted at a Target. Grrr).

    Hit 4 Walgreen hoping to find Exclusive Rick or Daryl… all post truck mind you… nothing.


    At least I found a Kylo Ren and a Rey so I consider today a collector success... even if it yielded a very, and I mean VERY, typical Mid-Michigan haul for me.
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    Star Wars Black Series 3.75" - Walmart Exclusive Complete Wave 1
    It didn't take long for someone to scalp the new 3 inch black series.

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    Never posted on CL before but I wonder if a way to defeat that kind of scalper behavior on that site would be to create a competing unexpiring post that points to the WM website where people can order the set for retail. I get that some people like to play the toy dealing thing, but a increasing the price 200% per item? Maybe if they added $2 or $3 per it'd be "meh" but no. They want to scalp toys for a living, get a dealer license and open up a storefront.
    "Life as a Slayer is very simple - want, take, have."
    Wants: To retire earlier than 70, another couple pairs of Loubis, and no days below 77 degrees in the summer

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    ^^ That's a great idea, and something I might do.

    If anyone is looking for anything released recently, let me know here. I can bring it back with me from Illinois and Indiana. If I find it that is.

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