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Thread: Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland and Disneyworld!

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    Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland and Disneyworld!

    At D23 Bog Iger just announced that they're going to be doing the largest expansions of the parks, all for Star Wars!
    Its still pretty early to be speculating but they have shown some of the concept art.

    Apparently there will be themed attractions, one specifically based off the millennium falcon, Cantina style eateries, stores, etc.

    Being a huge Disney and Star Wars fan I'm extremely excited by this announcement. Anyone else in the same boat? Didn't see any details on when this project was projected to open but I'm hoping Disney will fast track this new development so it can open in the thick of the Star Wars excitement over the next years.

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    This is very, very exciting news! They also announced Seasons of the Force, Star Wars Launch, and changes to Star Tours to include material from The Force Awakens. Star Tours Launch appears to be a little exhibit about the upcoming film, so that will probably be the first thing to open. I am going in late October, and I hope that it's open by then. As for the new lands, you can probably look to the timeline for the Avatar themed area of Animal Kingdom to get an idea of about how long it will take (2 to 3 years maybe?). It will be a long wait but I think there will be many good things along the way...

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    I am so excited by this announcement as well. I can't wait to hear more of the details!!

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    Love Disney, love Star Wars even more... double plus. Character dining with Star Wars characters would be the best. Blue milk, Jabba burger, Leia buns, Han hot dogs, Chewie chews... haha. And then to take pictures with the characters that would visit during the meals.
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    Star Wars Land...

    Try Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

    Dream Come True!!!

    (If you haven't watched the video in my link ... do it right now.)

    AND a Star Wars themed Resort at Disneyworld... *faints
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    Does look very very cool, 2019 cannot come soon enough!
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    ok, I think I may start planning our 2019 vacation now!!
    btw, that FO troop transport w/ the black/red R5 would make a great 3.75"action figure set to complement the BAD line

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    I can't wait for this. I am a passholder and live only 45 minutes away from Anaheim. So excited!

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    I was planning to got his year, but when I heard about this I postponed it for 2019. of course I'll wait a few months after grand opening due to high crowds. I'm sure it will be even more crowded than before, but I imagine the grand opening will be packed like no one has ever seen before.
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    Anyone else a bit disappointed that the new theme parks take place on an entirely new planet they made up just for the park? My dream has always been to visit OT places like Mos Eisley/the cantina, Jabba's Palace, wander the halls of the Death Star, the Emperor's Throne Room etc. I have no interest in visiting a new world never seen in any movie. Sure we'll be able to check out the Falcon, X-wings, Tie Fighters etc, but I want to explore the classic movie locations!
    What, me worry?

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