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Thread: Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland and Disneyworld!

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    That's funny cos they're the same shape as their sugar-addict customers end up. Toxic cr@p.
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    A few videos showing off some of the various merch

    video showing some of the “antiquities” for sale from Dok-Ondar and the build your own lightsaber kits

    video on the Toy shop

    Droid Depot

    some general stuff

    the lightsabers and droid kits look good to me. Need to see some of the other things in person

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    They are kind of nifty looking, but I don't drink Coke.

    The Lighsabers look cool to me as well, as does a few other items there. It's gonna be very difficult to leave empty handed, might even have to check my bags on the trip home. lol
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    Seeing the upcoming "galaxy's edge" booth

    there is a bunch of cool stuff.

    Love the female Twilek Jedi statue,the buildable sabers, lifesize Ithorian bust, or all the Sith artefacts like the bronze Sistros, Braata and the two other Sith statues (seen in Palpatines office in ROTS and Sideshow already made them in super ltd.numbers and now impossible to get..)

    Brillant stuff, that sadly never will make it to europe, but still brillant...
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    I'm most impressed with the realistic looking Dejarik statuettes and the creatures that look 3 3/4th scale compatible, like that Krykna/Knobby White Spider.

    Lots of stuff that looks bloody expensive and I have a hard time picturing your average Disney visitor buying.

    Those wooden posable retro looking figures are obviously retooled drawing puppets. Those hands are instantly recognizable. They, together with those tin vehicles, have a nice retro feel to them but don't fit the in-universe experience. They look like toys from the mid-20th century, not GFFA stuff. :/
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    Anyone going opening week? Just got my reservation time email this morning but its likely messed up, says its for May 30

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    Youre gonna have to tell us what it's like! Could you get fast passes for the rides?
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    Nope no fastpasses during opening and for the foreseeable future. Also only the Millenium Falcon Smugglers Run ride will be open during "Phase 1". Rise of the Resistance is "Phase 2" but they haven't said when that will be.

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    Got our reservation for June 10th, by booking a night at a Disney hotel. 8AM! It will be interesting to be able to be there as it opens in the morning. Read an article that Ogs's Cantina will be serving special Bloody Rancors (bloody mary) and a spiked coffee at 8am. Might have to do that first! My buddies and I were thinking that it might actually be LESS crowded (relatively) during this reservation period month as opposed to when it opens without a res. We'll see shortly. Looking forward to everyone's initial reactions.

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    I heard people are limited to 4 hours in the park during the reservation period.

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