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Thread: First Order Snowspeeder with First Order Snowtrooper Officer

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    Awesome. The accessory is from the (other) Imperial Ground Crew figure, which BTW is one of my favorite non-movie accessories since I use it as a modern day Imperial sniper type accessory since it vaguely resembles same said accessory from the POTF days. It's nice that the colors from the two lines blend in quite nicely with the logo a nice added touch.
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    Darn! Now I want one again. I really like the mods, especially the gun. Unfortunately, that wasn't easily available at the time I had the Snowspeeder.

    I guess the other main gripe I had with this vehicle was the control column. The handles are so far apart that it doesn't actually make any sense, but obviously had to be done to accomodate 5 POA figure's wide arm stance.
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