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Thread: Elite Speeder Bike with Stormtrooper

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    Elite Speeder Bike with Stormtrooper

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    Reserved for the most experienced explorer soldiers in high-risk missions the speeder bike has been optimized with laser cannons and more powerful engines.

    Looks like the speeder bikes of the past have been completely been revamped

    Who's picking this one up? Thoughts?

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    I'm probably going to buy this. I think it looks kinda cool.

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    I like it! I'm most probably going to purchase this one!

    It may not actually be in TFAs - but it looks great (IMO) - and at a reasonably cheap price-point, I will be buying.

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    I really like these! I want to grab two or three. Black armor with red looks great too.

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    The fact that this guy is wearing a full armored suit on a bike just bothers me. Imagine trying to sit on a bike seat while wearing a rigid armored butt plate and codpiece, with armor wrapped around both thighs. I'm sure I don't have to describe all the places that armor would be pinching and causing severe discomfort, thats one of the main reason bike pilots in ROTJ had pants on and a soft codpiece instead of rigid armor, to save the actors wearing it from groin torture.
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    Granted those were all CG but PT clones rode their bikes fully armored too. Anyway, i bet this won't be featured i nthe movie and is just one of Hasbro's made up vehicle to buff up their line up.

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    Ive always had a thing for speeders, Im sure it will see it sometime between all the movies, but it will be interesting to see what worlds we go to in episode 7

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    Yeah, it'd be kind of like riding a horse in full battle armor.
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    Okay - the more I look at this set, the more I want it - if I see this at Midnight Madness, I'm picking it up for sure...

    ...unless I happen to see a TFA 3 3/4 inch Special Forces TIE Fighter - because I'll probably be spending all my pocket money on that instead

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    I like the design, but I'm not interested unless it's in the movie. Too much to buy that is from the film.

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