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Thread: Kielbassa's Sideshow gallery

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    Great collection, and growing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergiu View Post
    Very cool acquisitions!
    Quote Originally Posted by Holdorfio View Post
    Love the collection Kielbassa!
    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    Great collection, and growing!
    Thanks all!

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    I picked up my second ROTJ Luke. I display my original Luke in Death Star II duel mode, but I wanted to display him with the robe and tunic from Jabba's palace too. I like the wind-blown hair sculpt of the deluxe version, but I didn't intend to use it. I don't like either of the head sculpts that figure comes with, so I went with another standard Luke. I'll probably end up getting HT's Endor Luke separately.

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