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Thread: Luke Skywalker - Bespin

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    Can't wait to see this new sculpt in hand!

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    With some chnace, he'll have a working holster!

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    Eh. I like the art on the packaging, don't really need another Bespin Luke though.

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    I picked this guy up. I'm a sucker for Luke figures and since I can't find Rey anywhere, may as well pick up the Papa Skywalker of the family.

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    I haven't bought a 3 3/4 figure in almost ten years. I've been strictly six inch scale since 2013.

    But I saw Bespin Luke today for only $3 along with all the other Force Awakens merch still rotting on shelves at clearance prices and I picked it up. It was so cheap, my favorite Luke outfit...why not?

    Ripped open the package and tossed it and and the dumb backpack in the trash. I was shocked as soon as I touched the figure. It was so rubbery. Just felt like a gummy bootleg. My god...are all SW figures this bad these days? This thing is garbage. I regret spending three dollars on it.

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