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Thread: Takodana Encounter Multi pack

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    Takodana Encounter Multi pack

    Here's a look at the Takodana Encounter play set which includes Finn, Rey, BB-8 and Maz Kanata. The chest that had Luke's Lightsaber is also included.

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    I'll wait for the whole character reveal, before I sign on for the figure.
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    I thought it was goss toowers lol

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    As long as the garments/dress/clothing is interesting and color-coded, and the face is fascinating, i'm in!

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    I think it's Maz as well because she probably Plays an important enough role to be on the poster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deskvader1 View Post
    I thought it was goss toowers lol
    So did I! Haha, either way I am not digging her as I do not like Goss based on the design.

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    I'm pretty positive we're hearing Maz's voice in most of these new trailers (final US, Japanese, fir US TV spot).

    Sounds like her part in the movie, while possibly a small role, will be of major importance to the plot.

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    There's something about this character that really intrigues me, to the point of wanting her figure before I see the official figure reveal. However, I am saddened to realize that this is likely another alien released in the TFA line with something covering its face (goggles that won't come off). Can we have just one alien without something covering part of its face? Maybe we'll get lucky if they release some figures from Maz's pirate castle (as seen in the promo photo), but they'll likely have a scarf over their mouths or something like Goss Toowers has. It's as if non-humans aren't allowed to show their full face in TFA. Perhaps its now a societal faux pas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_dp View Post
    Maybe we'll get lucky if they release some figures from Maz's pirate castle (as seen in the promo photo)
    Man, I hope so...
    Those pictures had me more excited than anything! Hopefully we won't have to wait 30 years to get some of them, like Jabba's Palace.

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