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Thread: Captain Rex (Rebels)

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    He looks coolish.

    What the **** is he holding?

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    HOLY #&$*#!)@(#!!$&/!#!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES! I honestly didn't think they'd make him I'm so excited! He looks wonderful!
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    Saw this last night. What a piece of junk. Captain Rex was such a cool character in Clone Wars with some fabulous plastic renditions back in the day. I even own the phase 2 Sideshow of him as I see him as an important character.

    This thing should come with a cheeseburger. I guess he won't cost more than a couple of dollars/pounds though.
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    Interesting that it appears to have 2 functional blasters that fit into the holsters, a helmet, and a large projectile accessory. I wonder if the accessory count is increasing with the higher price.

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    Gahhhh! [Kermit arms flailing with excitement]
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    Probably the only reveal from SDCC so far that I can get excited about at all! I love how girth-y he is, it totally sells the idea that he's a couple of decades older.

    Definite buy from me.
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    He's fat! Probably get him though.

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    Bit of an Uncle Gundy vibe to it.

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