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Thread: Hoth Ice Planet - Kenner US vs Kenner Canada

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    Hoth Ice Planet - Kenner US vs Kenner Canada

    I just shared this on facebook and thought I would add it here. Collectors may know that the Kenner Canada version of the Hoth Ice Planet playset is different - noticeably the cardboard AT-AT head doesn't feature any side guns just a featureless circle.

    This is obviously a big, easy to spot difference but close inspection reveals that in fact the entire backdrop section is also different. Looking at the two together I am convinced the Canadian one has been entirely redrawn. It's a very close copy done by a good artist and you have to look at very small, pretty insignificant points of detail, but they are different. Here are two close up detailed areas of the backdrop to play 'spot the difference!'

    The original artwork for the backdrop is quite beautiful and resides in Ron Salvatore's collection, it can be seen in the SWCA: Original Artwork for Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set - Star Wars Collectors Archive

    I have no idea at all why it was re-painted and copied for Kenner Canada (you would have thought that they'd have simply shared the original painting) but am presuming that some element of the printing / production process necessitated it.

    NOTE: I am somewhat wrong in this summation, pls see thread below.
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