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Thread: Need help with a stormtrooper identification

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    Need help with a stormtrooper identification

    I picked up a stormtrooper in a lot recently and it is different from any of my other troopers and I'm hoping someone can help me figure out where it came from. The main body plastic is much harder than my other stormtroopers and the details look much sharper. I checked imperial gunnery and it doesn't appear to be a Poon stormtrooper.

    Regular trooper on the right - mystery trooper on left

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    That looks like a Tri-Logo hard torso stormtrooper, does it have a 2 line no coo?

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    Yes two line no CoO 'hard torso' (you can tell by the bumps between the bumps of the belt)

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    Thanks! I like this version. Wish all of them have all of them had the sharper details.

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