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Thread: Rank The Indy Movies

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    Would be good if we got some news soon and I'd imagine we will at some point this year. Only two years away from now they'd be wise to get started on the script.
    Spielberg just recently confirmed it will begin shooting next summer and be out for release summer '20. So we are only about 2 years away now. Harrison is getting older, but he was good in Blade Runmer so I think he will be great in this still. Honestly they need to make sure they pick a fantastic script this time and it would be nice if Lucas didn't intervene so much and let a good script come to the table and go with that instead of what he did with KotCS. I blame a lot of Crystal Skull's shortcomings on him.
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    I saw the confirmation news recently, which is great. After Ready Player One, Spielberg definitely has it in him for one final Indy film for sure. RPO brought back so much of that same magic.

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    I've seen some rank the Young Indy series in with the films. The series gets a very 50/50 reception, but some agree the best episodes of the show were worthy to be ranked alongside the films. It's been so long since I last saw them and the DVD sets are unfortunately just way too pricey. I've heard the bookends from them were actually omitted too, to add insult to injury. Not even Indy is safe from getting the Lucas treatment.

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