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Thread: Celebration Europe: Photo-Ops

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    Celebration Europe: Photo-Ops

    Photo Ops have become a mainstay at conventions. Would you rather have a picture with the celebrity or an autograph? Or both?
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    Autographs for me every time, but it seems that most cons now seem to prefer the photo op route as it's easy money for them with not much effort for the guest, some just stand in the same pose and the customer gets pushed through to get it done as quick as possible to get more customers. At LFCC last weekend some guests had 4 photo op sessions a day that really effects the time left for signing. Throw in a talk and lunch and at most they only get 3 or 4 hours to sign for fans.

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    Prefer the photos over autographs. With a bit of effort autographs can be picked up at any time, but a photo with them could be once in a lifetime.

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