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Thread: No items at the moment.

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    No more items.

    **SOLD ITEMS**
    HT ANH Luke Exclusive -- $240 plus shipping (eBay)
    HT TFA Snowtrooper $130 plus shipping (eBay)
    HT TFA Stormtrooper Officer Loose $150 (eBay)
    HT TFA TIE Pilot $165 (eBay)
    HT TFA Finn $155 (eBay)
    HT TFA Stormtrooper $185 Shipped.
    SS R2-Q5 -- $110 plus shipping (eBay)
    SS Exclusive X-Wing Luke -- $170 plus shipping (eBay)
    SS Scout trooper exclusive $255 (eBay)
    SS IG-88 (no stand) $165
    SS Boba Fett $170
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    Can't edit, but the belt and blaster have sold. Everything else still available.

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    Bump. Any locals in the market for a Taun Taun? Awesome piece and in perfect shape, but don't have the display space for it currently.
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    FS: Taun Taun, Tama 3PO, SS Vader, Hoth Han Brown Coat Custom, Sith Probe Droids

    Bump, going to sell some custom Han Hoth coats until I use up the fur that I purchased--don't want it to go to waste. Here's a comparison of the stock fur vs. the custom fur.

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    Added HT Short Stormtrooper, SS Boba Fett, SS Deluxe Vader (figure only), and some Hoth Han and Luke parts.

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    Bump. 3PO sold on eBay. Added IG-88 to the list
    EDIT: IG-88 now sold as well.
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    Bump, added SS R2-D2 (complete) and R2-D2 parts

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    Edit: Stormie sold already.
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