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Thread: Help Identifying What This Carded Figure Is

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    Help Identifying What This Carded Figure Is

    I purchased this figure over a year ago on eBay. I wanted a offerless AT AT Commander cause I like the picture. The seller told me it came from a Kenner employee's collection and that was the reason for the void stamped on the POP. I did not pay a premium because of the history just wanted an offerless example. However, I am curious if what the seller told me is true and if not is there an explanation for the stamp. As always, thanks for your help.

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    While I suppose the "void" stamp could be from the Kenner store, it's most likely part of a mail-away premium or some sort of "free figure" offer.

    Shawn has an excellent article on the Young Jedi Knight promotion that touches a little on the "void" stamp on the proof of purchase. Young Jedi Knight Promotion
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    This is great! I hadn't seen an ESB figure with the void stamp like that before. With the Emperor's I've mentioned in the link Chris posted, I know a few have come from Kenner employees with the void stamps on them too. Those didn't show any bubble damage like the mailed ones and your AT-AT Driver looks to be the same. I think the Kenner store could be a good guess, but without knowing the history from the employee we could be speculating all day. Just like how on my emperor theory I've been trying to track one with an envelope and haven't had any luck there, but I've seen enough auctions from random people claiming it came in the mail that I know it should be correct.
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