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Thread: !! MECCANO 13 first figures on 12 backs GUERRE des ETOILES cards !!

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    Cool !! MECCANO 13 first figures on 12 backs GUERRE des ETOILES cards !!

    Hi all

    Today's a very special day which has to be marked with a special feature

    I announced a few weeks ago that I would publish an update of my carded sets , after the Kenner ESB Offerless set last november, and the MECCANO 12-backs characters on squarish 20-backs Guerre des Etoiles cards in march...

    For your viewing pleasure, now featuring....
    MECCANO 12-backs characters on early rectangular 12-backs Guerre des Etoiles cards


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    Congratulations well done and thank you for sharing

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    Stunning-doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for sharing....what's next?

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    Good Golly,Miss Molly!!!.......that's a fantastic achievement,mon ami!!

    i think Arnaud must now abdicate any claim to the throne of being "King of French collecting"

    C'est Magnifique!!!!

    Okay.Fine.You win.
    Now I'm going to enjoy my life while you are buried under a pile of plastic and cardboard.
    Big Barada

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    Wowsers , thats the best 12 bk set I have ever seen.
    Kicks kenners *** !

    A huge congrats on putting this together.


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    Thats really spectacular to see. Congratulations mate.
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    Ahhhhh Man killer!
    Big L Rest In Peace!
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    One of the greatest collections of the "first 12", I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing Stéphane.

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