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Thread: Rey - Starkiller Base

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    DVaderFan, you need a job at Hasbro. You'd have people drooling over 5POA :-). Just out of curiosity, what sort of paintbrush are you using for those tiny eyes?

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    I use miniature brushes, usually sizes 10/0, 5/0, 3/0 and 2/0.

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    More great stuff! Have you done any TFA six inch pieces? And are you accepting commissions?
    Go figure!

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    Finally found 1 out in the wild @ TRU here on Saturday! Decided to keep the first one I ordered weeks ago sealed and opened her plastic prison.

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    Oh for an edit key! I did actually mean Resistance Rey. Sorry!

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    Are we doing Episode 8 stuff yet?

    Here's "Jedi Rey" visiting a mysterious shrine on a strange alien planet....

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    in a funny turn of events I finally solved the whole #wheresrey conspiracy... she's been in hiding and finally released in large numbers at 5 Below.. lol. checked my local 5 Below the other day and they had 20 of her on the pegs, along with 5 Unkar Plutt, 5 RO Director Krennic, 2 FN-2187, and 2 Captain Rex.
    Longing for the Good Old Kenner Days where SW Figures were in great supply and everyone was able to find their favorite characters etc..... Hasbro you need to follow this example ! Twitter: @SWChamp

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